Stand Alone Free Standing Pull Up / Dip Station

Free-Standing-Pull-Up-StationMany Free Standing exercise stations similar to this one exist, but not many are as sturdy or well-built as this one. Of course, there are some extremely well made and versatile workout stations that use weights as their primary exercise routine, but this model should not really be compared to those. The York Fitness Stand Alone needs no weights. It only uses a persons bodyweight. Some people prefer this method of working out and see it as more natural than using weights on a bench, or a weights machine in a mechanical manner.

This York Stand Alone is pretty versatile, it not only allows for various width pull ups and chin ups (overhand or under), and of course dips, but also press ups (Push ups) and stomach exercises. You can either do reps of lifting your knees up to your chest (knee raises), or hold your legs out in front of you (leg raises), increasing your reps or holding time the stronger your Abs become.

Overall, this is a really good workout station, that by most accounts, is very well made. York have a good track record of making good equipment. Add a heavy punch bag and go running a few times a week and you have everything needed to get into, or remain in excellent shape.
There is one issue though that a few buyers have pointed out in their review of this product. And that is the that the press up / push up hand grip location at the bottom of the tower does not allow easy use. Some people have complained that the lower stability bar is in the way when trying to do press ups. Some users have found it to be quite a hindrance.

Perhaps the press up handles should have been put at the end of a longer lower frame so that the users head is nowhere near the lower stability bar when doing press ups. Hopefully, this feature will be added to a newer model somewhere down the line. Other than that, great product.

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