Sandee Muay Thai Kick + Punch Pads

Sandee-Extra-Thick-Flat-Pads-Black2Along with Top King, Fairtex and a few others, Sandee is one of the best makes out there for Muay Thai gear. Their level of quality is so consistent that its hard for me, who’s someone that likes a bargain, to be able to admit that they are worth the money. That’s because they are not cheap. However, they will most probably outlast many of the cheaper pairs by years.

So, they are a good investment if you’re someone who’s serious about Thai Boxing and knows with some certainty that you won’t be calling it quits any time soon. Anyone that’s been doing Thai Boxing for a number of years will no doubt know all about Sandee and how good their products are. The Sandee pads featured in this post are straight, extra thick kick pads. There’s also curved available.

They are both referred to as “kick pads”, but this is a bit of a misconception. Go to any Thai Boxing gym, either here in the UK, the Netherlands, and even Thailand, and you will see that these straight “kick pads” are effectively being used for every strike in the book. Punches, elbows, knees, hi kicks, low kicks, front kicks, flying knees, spinning back fists, superman punches, you name it. If you want to see this first hand just look up some videos on Youtube of Nopparat Keatkhamtorn, who is a Two time Lumpini Champion + Thailand Champion, for a quick example of someone using these pads for a lot more than just kicking. They are extremely versatile, tough and very long-lasting.

This design has the three hand / arm handles at the back. Two of those can be adjusted (velcro + belt buckle fastening) for a perfect fit. If you’ve ever held these types of pads for someone you will be aware of how secure they feel on the arms when taking a battering. The force is extremely well absorbed, specially for big power strikes like side on hi kicks. For low kicks the holder would use only the top handle, which is fixed (not adjustable like the other two), and hold it against their leg. If you’re a newbie, be sure to always have the knee bent on the receiving leg to prevent either serious injury to the leg / knee, or being kicked straight off your feet.

Also, if you’re new to Muay Thai training, and your legs aren’t very well conditioned to taking low kicks, it would probably be best to use the gyms bigger pad for low kicks. All decent Thai Boxing Gyms will have one. Some refer to it as a Banana pad, which is a much bigger and thicker curved pad that does a really good job of protecting the receiving leg from people who have tree trunk legs and kick like Tong Po from Kickboxer.

Sandee Muay Thai pads are made in Thailand using the highest quality Cow hide leather. They are used by professionals, as well as amateurs and those just starting out who want a top end product. Sandee offer a full range of Thai Boxing equipment. Including boxing gloves, shin pads, flat / curved striking pads, hand wraps, ankle supports, groin protectors, stomach / body shot protectors and shorts.

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