Irish Colours Thai Boxing Shorts

Irish-Style-Colours-Thai-Boxing-ShortsBeautiful Thai Boxing Shorts in the Irish colours! Or close enough to them. Green – White – Gold / Yellow. These are top quality shorts that feature the 96 Penang writing the front, which is a world-renowned Thai Boxing gym. They are made by Lumpinee. Lumpinee is / was a stadium in Thailand where some of the absolute best Thai fighters have fought for many years. Open since the 50’s, it’s held some of the best Thai fights ever. The old stadium has been closed now due to decay, but there has been a new one built in a different location.

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Made from Satin, these shorts have a nice thick waist band which give a more “Solid” and stable feel to the wearer’s waist line when wearing them. Tight at the top, loose at the bottom. Perfect for knee strikes, high / low kicking and blocking mid / low kicks. These are adult shorts, but they are also available in a few toddlers sizes. But contact the seller before buying to make sure that the size is right for what you need. Also remember that with most Thai Boxing Shorts the waist is tight but very expandable. Excellent shorts. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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