Waterproof Fitbit For Swimming Watersports UK

Waterproof-Fitbit-For-Swimming-UKYou wanted a reliable Fitbit that was suitable for watersports like swimming, surfing, canoeing and even triathlon training. Well here it is. This Fitbit Charge HR (In black) has been waterproofed by Waterfi and is guaranteed to be leak free for 12 months or they will either repair or replace. It works well for monitoring your heart rate, how far you have swum (might be a little less accurate when compared to walking / running), and energy used while partaking in any water related activities, including swimming.

Pictured to the right: The Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR

So how deep can it go underwater? The Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR can safely go down to 60 meters in-depth. That is impressive, and not many people will be going deep enough to push it past its limit. Unless you want to wear it while going deep-sea diving! The Fitbit HR has many features, Bluetooth, sleep monitor and even caller I.D.

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If you’re looking to save some money and still want a product that is waterproof, but not to the depth level of the Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR, a good and cheap alternative is the BuddyBand2. It is waterproof but only to the depth of 2 meters maximum. However, this depth level will be adequate for a lot of people. You can still swim (won’t be as accurate as walking / running in terms of distance tracking), run in the rain, take a shower wearing it, and do a lot of other activities that involve water in some way. Just don’t go deeper than two meters and everything will be good.

Waterproof-Fitbit-Charge-HR-BlackThe BuddyBand2 is cheap to buy, so it is not a big cash layout when compared to the Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR. For the price point and features the BuddyBand2 is worth considering. Customer reviews for the BuddyBand2 are also excellent. You could look to buy a used Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR for a fairly low price but that comes with its own risks, like is the warranty still valid, will you get problems with it straight away etc.

You would probably be better off buying refurbished, but that may be more expensive than used. Plenty for sale on eBay in all conditions. Correction: After searching eBay consistently, there are no Charge HR’s that are waterproof, only the normal, non-waterproof versions (amongst other models) are for sale in abundance in all colours, teal, plum etc. See the link below for a real Waterfi’d HR!

The Waterfi Fitbit Charge HR is basically the same as the normal Charge HR (completely wireless operation with mobile phone sync) except its also waterproof. One thing is missing. In order to make the HR fully waterproof the ability to calculate floors completed via the altimeter option had to be eliminated from the device.

Battery life is really good on the HR with a full charge lasting between 3 – 5 days. The battery is internal (built-in) on the HR, so unlike some of the earlier versions you won’t need to buy replacement batteries every six months.

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband/ strap size quick guide: With this model there are 3 sizes to choose from, small, large and extra-large. In inches: Small (S): 5.4″ – 6.2″ Large (L): 6.2″ – 7.6″ X Large (XL): 7.6″ – 8.7″. This product comes complete with a charger (USB) but if you do need a replacement they are cheap to buy online.

7 thoughts on “Waterproof Fitbit For Swimming Watersports UK

  1. Hello
    I own a Fitbit HR. Is it possible to have it waterproofed for use when swimming as I’m reluctant to purchase a new one.
    Lynn (Uk)

  2. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. The only company I would trust to waterproof a Fitbit is Waterfi. Sadly, they only offer this service to people in the USA. So with you being in the UK that’s not an option. You may have to bite the bullet and buy a new one, or consider a much cheaper alternative like the BuddyBand2 if you are not going to be swimming any deeper than 2 meters. The Waterfi Fitbit is over £200 so I understand your reluctance. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Phil, I haven’t seen one for sale yet. But I’m sure its on the to-do list for waterproofing companies like Waterfi.

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