The New Fitbit Surge Waterproof?

Fitbit SurgeThe Fitbit Surge. Much bigger on the wrist than most of the other models. It’s pretty thick. So, is it waterproof? Hmm, this question has a grey area. Fitbit claim this model is sweat proof, splash proof and rain resistant, but not to be worn when swimming or in the shower.

Sounds fair enough. At least they are honest about it. These limitations won’t put that many people off. The Surge still has many excellent features. Some of those include:

Fitbit Surge Specification

  • Purepulse heart rate
  • Activity tracking
  • Auto sleep + silent alarm
  • Exercise tracking
  • Caller ID (When synchronized to mobile phone)
  • OLED Display
  • Music control and notifications
  • GPS tracking

Looking for a Fitbit that is waterproof? It’s not a Surge (Charge HR) Check out the Fitbit made For Swimming and Watersports.

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