Letscom ID107Plus HR Fitness Tracker Review


The Letscom ID107Plus HR Fitness Tracker, with its excellent review score, is one in a long line of Smartwatches that now dominate most of the health tracker related listings on eBay and Amazon. A big majority have brand names that are widely unheard of.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the product isn’t good, because in some cases they really are excellent activity monitors for the price. And most of them have the all important and widely sought after heart rate monitor. A few of the brands that stand out are Mpow, Lintelek, Cospor and YAMAY.

Looking at the consistency of positive reviews, its clear to see that the Letscom trackers, unless there are some fakes reviews mixed in, have some of the highest overall ratings across the whole “cheap fitness tracker” marketplace on Amazon. That includes all the brands mentioned above. This model, the Letscom ID107Plus HR (Updated 2018 / 2019 model here), has an outstanding review score.

Here are a few of the stand-out features that buyers are most impressed with. Better touch screen, not just a button at the lower front of the display. Very quick charging time and considerable battery duration. A full battery lasts around a week, which is very good when compared to other activity bracelets in the same price bracket and beyond. The ability to read notifications, such as a text message on the watch screen, so no need to reach for the Smartphone. Other features that users find superb for the low price is the accuracy of the Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor. Also worth noting is the connection strength and stability of the synchronization.

Letscom ID107Plus HR Quick Specification


  • Pedometer (Track steps taken, distance travelled, etc)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • IP67 Rating (Can be worn in the rain)
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Relax Mode (Guided breathing)
  • Calories Burned
  • 8 Different sport settings (more can be added)
  • OLED Display
  • USB Charging (No lead required)
  • Notifications (Social media, calls, texts, etc)
  • Music / Phone Control
  • Weather Forecasts (Must be synchronized)
  • Time, Date, Alarms

This feature-rich Letscom also has the ability (when paired to your phone) to let you know if there is a phone call and give you the option of whether to take the call or reject it. Also, due to the mobile phone to Smartwatch Bluetooth connection range being around ten meters (max), this is perfect for using with gym related equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines. You don’t have to have the phone on your person. If safe and secure to do so, you can leave it, paired, a good few meters away and train clutter free.

Furthermore, when not training / exercising it can be used just like a normal watch. The strap is made of rubber / silicone and the fastening mechanism is a clasp, just like an average watch strap. The actual tracker unit itself is completely removable from the silicone band / wrist strap in order to charge the device via USB port. There is also the option to buy replacement bands for this model when the original starts to look a little worn out. Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android based Smartphones.


Available in 5 different colours which offer a good mix for men and women. Those are Red, Black, Blue, Green and Purple. Please Note: IP67 is not fully waterproof and doesn’t claim to be. It just means it can withstand some water contact and still remain fully functional. Rain and sweat will be fine, but swimming, canoeing, showering and bathing while wearing this device is not a wise decision.

The ID107Plus HR is by no means a perfect Smartwatch, but for the price it’s surprisingly good. Some people recommend it as a cheaper alternative to the Fitbit. And with such a great battery life, so many useful options and features, and great quality for the cheap price, it’s not hard to see why.

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