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Fitbit Charge HR in Teal

Where would all the Fitbit freaks be if Fitbit never allowed for the unit to have a replacement battery. Most would be annoyed if the Fitbit had an internal battery that could be charged but never be totally replaced. Not easily anyway. Kind of like Apple iPods, iPhones etc. And we all know what happens to those types of lithium batteries after several hundred charges. They lose their ability to last longer than a day or two..Actually, that’s being generous, they barely last the day. Thankfully, Fitbit were smart in that regard and did make the product so that the user could replace the battery easily themselves.

Buy the best Fitbit (Internal) lithium battery here

Please Note: These items are getting harder to source in the UK. As a result, this item is now only available on the US Amazon, not UK. However, for UK buyers who desperately need this item, the seller does ship to the UK. And the seller offers free shipping.

However, this has now changed with the new Fitbit Charge and Charge HR, which does have an internal battery that can be charged up. The new Fitbit Charge HR also has other options like the ability to sync the device to your Smartphone and have caller I.D, and a bar code reader for food products. You can also send your exercise results and goals to people online. Talk about being connected! How about a sleep spy? You got it, it’s included! GPS? That’s not an option on the HR model, but is available on the Surge model.

Fitbit Battery Precautions

The battery in the normal Fitbit lasts about half the year. After that time period it will need to be replaced. Possibly in a hurry too because if you don’t replace it before the fast draining battery already in the unit dies, you could lose your stored information. So as soon as the battery shows as being low on the screen its best to buy a replacement straight away.

Fitbit Zip Black - Used - Needs Battery

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Whats the best battery for the original Fitbit? That has to be the Original Coin Energizer CR2025 3 Volt Lithium Battery. Looking for the internal replacement for the Charge HR? Be aware, you will need to open up the device yourself and swap the old one for the new one. See This Product. That is what you need. It’s also compatible with the Force model (Product changed – Now only to be used with Charge and Charge HR). It’s not very hard to make the swap. Just take your time and it’s a relatively smooth transaction.

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  • […] The Fitbit range are mostly great products. However, due to so many complaints regarding the poor battery life of some of the chargeable Fitbit models (known issue / fault), the BuddyBand 2 makes a good alternative because this is one of the areas in which it performs extremely well in. A question that gets asked a lot: Can you change the battery in the chargeable Fitbit’s. No you can’t. However, you can send the tracker back to the company and they will either fix, replace or offer you a discount on a new one. Earlier models took normal button style battery’s, which were very easy to replace. Read more about that here. […]

  • Charles

    Are those batterys safe to charge? This post could be more helpful and just stick to what its tital suggests instead of going off subject.
    Reason im asking is my daughters fitbit only lasts a day with charge and like most people abit of reasurance would be nice if batterys are being replaced and then plugged into mains electricity to recharge.

  • Fighters Fitness

    Hi Charles, this post in regards to it talking about a total battery replacement is talking about the “Normal” (earlier) Fitbit model. That model took the coin batterys talked about in the post. Those batterys are not safe to be recharged.

    The Charge and Charge HR are charged up by the mains, and due to the new built-in battery they have, can not have a complete battery replacement without sending the unit back to Fitbit.

    Although they will most probably send you a new one if still under warranty, or offer a discount off the price of your next Fitbit purchase. The weak battery is a known issue and you are not the first person to complain about it. There are thousands!

    Kind Regards

    • Fighters Fitness

      *Update: “The Charge and Charge HR are charged up by the mains, and due to the new built-in battery they have, can not have a complete battery replacement without sending the unit back to Fitbit. ” It is now possible to install a new battery on these models. See the links in the post for the replacement.

  • Star

    Would be interesting for those people who would like to replace the charge HR battery since some suffer and barely rechaege after a while. Mine leeked and died…..
    Also they have to be solder
    Here my findings…
    its a round cell about 8mm diameter and about 4mm-5mm thickness with two wires
    Can someone assist and knows a source?

  • Star

    Sorry but the above was the vibrator of the Charge HR…hahaha
    Here the Lipo is a 12mm x 18mmx 2.5mm

  • Elizabeth kelly

    I am looking for a new battery for a flex where can i buy onekraitek

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