Garmin Forerunner 235 Heart Rate Watch For Sale

forerunner-235If you want to find out more about this watch continue to read below. If you already know what you’re getting with the 235 and just want to hear about the sale that’s going on, here it is. The Black Friday, and soon to be Cyber Monday sales have made the Forerunner 235 a little bit more affordable. The price has already been lowered, but is constantly changing to reflect the sale updates as stock continues to be sold, and sales reach their final discount status. Take a look at the latest discount price.

Features + Water Resistance

OK, the title says heart rate watch, but the Garmin Forerunner 235 is much more than that. Yes, that is one of its stand out features, but it’s also an all-round activity tracker. Step counter, energy used, sleep monitor, distance travelled and speed. It works very much the same as the rest of the popular activity watches, such as the Fitbit Charge 2, where it uses an App (Garmin Connect Mobile) to record activity and monitor certain aspects of your training regime and routine.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 has several alert features that can act as great motivators. It also provides a personalised training program. Kind of like your own personal trainer to make sure you’re getting the most out of each workout. Two bonus features are the VO2 Max (Oxygen consumption) and recuperation guide for after training.

The functions and features of this GPS tracker where users are most impressed are, firstly the GPS signal strength. GPS capabilities in the Forerunner 235 are superb. It uses normal GPS, and GLONASS (Russian). The battery life is also brilliant in comparison to many of its competitors. Activity wise, this watch is used a lot by runners and bicycle riders. It makes a great companion for those pursuits. And guess what. Where a lot of other Trackers fail, the 235 excels.

GPS-235-back-sensorsThis device is fully waterproof. It can be worn while swimming, running in the rain, showering, and anything else that involves water. Surprisingly, it’s not just waterproof for a few meters either like so many of the others. The 235 has a depth capability of a whopping 50 Meters! An excellent watch for swimmers, or any other water related sports activity. And great for triathlon training. It’s so easy to use too.

Room For Improvement

The one area which could be improved on this watch is the screen. It can, in certain conditions, suffer from poor visibility, as it does seem a little on the dark side when lit up. It should really be brighter and more clear for such a costly item. Additionally, a few more features overall wouldn’t hurt either. But all in all, a great product by Garmin.


Unlike many of the other activity trackers of numerous brands, the Garmin Forerunner 235 makes a really good wrist watch for everyday wear. This is because it looks very similar to a normal watch. However, the size of this watch is pretty big, so it would only really be suitable for people who like those big, oversized sports watches.

Many people do like huge watches and if you’re someone who does you might like the 235 for everyday wear. One thing to be aware of if you are planning on wearing this watch more for casual wear than as a training utility, turn all GPS off and you have the best possible battery life. Colours available: Black, Black with Grey and Black with Frost Blue. What about sizes? I believe this watch is one size fits all.

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