Fitbit Charge 3 Review – What’s New + Pre Order Details

Unisex classic style Black / Graphite

The eagerly anticipated release of the new Fitbit Charge 3 “Advanced Tracker” is not too far away now, and some people are wondering whether the latest addition to the ever-growing Fitbit range is worth buying. Well, at this point there aren’t many user reviews to read because it hasn’t been released yet.

But going on Fitbit’s claims, there are two main areas where this model has, apparently, been vastly improved over the previous model (the Charge 2). And those two areas just so happen to be the two major flaws users mostly always complain about. They are, the battery life, and of course, water resistance. Also worth pointing out, this model has full touchscreen rather than just tap that was on the earlier generation.

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The new charge 3 has a reported battery duration of up to seven days (depending on how demanding the wearer is). And while nothing new, the waterproofing is also just as impressive, offering a depth limit of 50 Meters. That should be more than enough for most people. With such a depth capability, as you can imagine, doing activities like swimming in the deep end of a pool, taking a shower, or running / biking in the rain should be like water off a ducks back for the new Charge 3. Hopefully it lives up to these expectations.

Release Date

Lavender Special Edition

The release date on Amazon UK is 1st of October 2018. On Amazon USA the release is slightly later on the 7th October 2018. However, you can pre-order the Charge 3 in advance to make sure you grab one before they sell out. Order yours soon to avoid disappointment. The Special Editions are a little more expensive t buy than the standard models, and I believe the wait to receive those models is slightly longer also. More nearer to the end of October.

A fast sell out, or a least a shortage of stock is definitely a possibility going on previous, hyped up Fitbit releases. Especially on the run up to Christmas. Not to mention after Christmas when everyone wants to get in shape after all that Xmas celebrating. Other than the main improvements mentioned above, there really isn’t a world of difference between the Charge 2 and the Charge 3. Most of what is talked about below regarding features can generally be found in the older model.

Fitbit Charge 3 Features

White Special Edition

Other than the improved battery duration, water resistance, and the added benefit of it being kitted out with the latest Fitbit technology, it has over fifteen popular preset activity modes, like running, biking, swimming, etc. Up to date training statistics so you can better understand exactly how you are performing. Phone notifications sent directly to the Smartwatch keep the user aware of anyone making contact while they are busy training.

The user can also reply with a message, but that function is limited to Android based devices. It’s GPS capable so you can measure how much distance covered or how fast you are training / travelling in real-time.

Don’t want to wait until the official release? Secure yours right now, pre-order the new Fitbit Charge 3 Today

The heart rate monitor can track the heart rate of the wearer throughout the whole day, and night. Keeping an eye on not only the heart rate while exercising, but even when light or deep sleeping. While on the subject of sleeping, monitoring sleeping patterns, such as how many hours of light sleep Vs deep sleep are you getting is easy to implement. The Charge 3 can even tell you how much time you have been in daylight for. Of course, it has the all important Pedometer to count steps, distance etc.

As well as calories burned, a “Reminders to move” option that tells you how long you have been sitting and relaxing is present. This works as a motivator to get you up and active. The App is compatible with Windows, Apple and Android devices.

If all this wasn’t enough, there is more. Another feature it has is guided breathing sessions, and, like other models, the ability to interact with other Fitbit users and set challenges for or against each other. There’s even a “Female Health” mode that can keep an eye on a woman’s periods, and give menstrual cycle insights with its predicted ovulation calendar.

Is this for Men or Women

It’s definitely a Unisex device. The Charge 3 is available in many different colours, some for men and some for women. Those include: Black and Graphite, Purple with Rose Gold, Dull Blue, White (special edition) and Lavender with Rose Gold trim (Special edition). There’s also after-market replacement bands available, so you can jazz it up to your own liking. With this model now being fully waterproof, and relatively cheap to buy in comparison to older Charge models that have been waterproofed by Waterfi, it makes some of the Waterfi reinforced models somewhat obsolete.

But that’s great news for buyers, because they now have the option to purchase an already waterproof Charge model at retail price, rather than have to go through another company that puts their money on top of the retail price for adding their water preventing technology into the device.

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