Fitbit Charge 2 Pre-Order? No Need – Buy Today

charge-2-fitness-watchLot’s of eager people, many of whom are owners of the Charge HR, are hunting around for places where they can pre-order the new Fitbit Charge 2. But there is no need. The Fitbit Charge 2 is already released and up for sale on many of the Internets leading outlets. You can buy one right now. In fact, there are people already wearing and using them as I type. They’ve even owned them for a while.

Do you really need to shell out the cash in order to have the latest model? Well, in some areas the Fitbit Charge 2 is definitely a little bit better than the Charge HR. In many ways It’s basically just an updated product, which means it has been revitalised in terms of design and features where, in some people’s opinion, the previous model was perhaps lacking slightly.

That’s not to say the HR isn’t just as good. To some users it is. And HR owners will maybe even prefer their trusted HR over the newer model. However, having a new toy to play with is what a lot of people look forward to, and with many HR owners fitness trackers now most probably looking a bit worn, it would be nice to have a shiny new upgrade. There is a lot of feedback from customers about this model.

More sleek design, although still fairly thick due to the sensor / monitor at the back of the device.It has a bigger, more vivid OLED screen with Touchscreen / Tap technology. Being a larger screen there’s more information displayed on the display at the same time. Of course, it does all the usual fitness tracker essentials that you would expect in a newer model, like heart rate monitoring (PurePulse), calorie watching, tracking, steps taken, walking, running / biking distance travelled, sleep monitoring, Smartphone synchronisation, workout statistics and alerts.

You can even choose what kind of exercises you have completed, and also make use of SmartTrack to keep a note of them on the App for future use, reference or analysis. It even has Guided Breathing mode! This would be good for those who practice Yoga.


Better battery life (up to five days) and the ability to change wrist bands / straps. So, if you fancy a different coloured band, or your strap has reached the end of its life, you can just replace it with a nice new one. Normal straps, and also Leather replacement straps are available. The option of having different clock displays is also built-in to this unit.

Is it waterproof?

No, this model is not waterproof. But it could be considered as splash proof. You certainly wouldn’t want to wear it while swimming or in the shower etc. However, there is a waterproof version of the Charge 2 for sale. It’s been sealed by Waterfi, and they always do an excellent job. This model is a little more expensive, but for the extra few quid, you do get a fully waterproof Charge 2, so its money well spent. Read more about the Waterfi model on this website, or take a look a them for sale on Amazon.

What is the exact Fitbit Charge 2 model number?

After spending around half an hour speaking to support via live chat, I still don’t know the answer. I was transferred 3 times to different representatives and still, not one of them knew the answer. This should be a very easy question to answer. Their knowledge of the product appeared to be minimal. After being transferred to an “expert” on this model twice after first contact was made, the most they could tell me was the SKU number. This number is pretty much useless because each seller (reseller) of the product is able to consign their own SKU number. So it will be different for each seller / store. So globally, it holds no weight. However, for anyone interested, support said the SKU for them is: FB407S.

A few things to be aware of

Customer reviews are largely positive, but as with any product that’s sold in huge volumes, there are a few complaints and some issues that buyers should be aware of before purchasing. No option to turn Bluetooth 4.0 off. It does not have its own, stand alone GPS built-in, but can make use of your Smartphones GPS once they are synchronised. Some Sync issues have been reported, and some customers claim it can be quite inaccurate with readings, like heart rate, steps, distance etc. In some cases, this could be a calibration issue. And in others, possibly a faulty product.

Colours and sizes

Available in Teal, Black, Blue and Plum. In sizes small, large and extra large. There are two special, or more exclusive colours available in some outlets. One of those outlets being the official Fitbit website. Those colours are lavender with a rose gold coloured metal, and Black with dark grey (gunmetal). These two colour combinations do cost more to buy. Two other products from the same company worth considering if you’re not keen on this particular model are the Blaze and the Flex 2.

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