BuddyBand 2 Activity Tracker Watch Review

BuddyBand2-BlackSome of you may remember the first model of the BuddyBand, and those who do will most probably have fond memory’s of it. The original BuddyBand was a great product and the second model is considered by many to be just as good. If not better. This product is not just an Activity Tracking watch with phone sync. It can actually be taken apart and used without the wrist strap / bracelet. You can carry it in your pocket, hold it, or attach it to your belt line.

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The Fitbit range are mostly great products. However, due to so many complaints regarding the poor battery life of some of the chargeable Fitbit models (known issue / fault), the BuddyBand 2 makes a good alternative because this is one of the areas in which it performs extremely well in. A question that gets asked a lot: Can you change the battery in the chargeable Fitbit’s. No you can’t. However, you can send the tracker back to the company and they will either fix, replace or offer you a discount on a new one. Earlier models took normal button style battery’s, which were very easy to replace. Read more about that here.

Activ8rlives Buddy Band 2 Quick Specification

  • Step Counter
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep monitor
  • Distance and Duration
  • Available in three different colours (For men and women)
  • Smartphone synchronisation
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Inactivity monitor
  • Time & Date (Just like a normal watch)
  • Compatible with the Apple Health App
  • Numerous alerts: Alarms, Vibration, Missed calls, texts, Social media etc
  • Waterproof to a depth of 2 meters

This item has a battery duration of between three to seven days. How long it lasts largely depends on how many options / features you are using simultaneously. There are no reviews that have anything bad to say out the battery life, so that’s a good sign. And compared to the Fitbit, it’s considerably cheaper to buy.

It needs a Smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 installed in order to sync properly. A lot of mobile phones (Smartphones) these days are running Bluetooth 4 so for most people this won’t be a problem. Just check first before purchasing this item if you have an older Smartphone. It’s compatible with Android and Apple (iOS) based phones but not with phones that are installed with a Windows operating system. 3 colours are available: Pink, Black or Blue.

What it doesn’t have

No backlight (Most budget Activity Trackers don’t have this feature) and no heart rate monitor.

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