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the-wringerWe’ve all seen many traditional styled grip strengtheners in our time. And many new contraptions too. They’ve been around for years and there are many to choose from. Looking for the more “normal” hand grips? Check out some of the Best Grip strengtheners on this website. The Wringer is a little bit different to the rest. Rather than focusing on Grip strength alone (Pressing in and out) it also, in my opinion, offers increased training for “usable” strength and real life twisting ability, which can be more helpful for real situations.

Let me explain. Other than making your forearms look bigger and stronger, and also improving your grip strength, The Wringer focuses on twisting and turning motions with added force. These movements are more “real” and will no doubt be good to be efficient in if an altercation becomes physical and the distance is closed, which will most probably result in a lot of grabbing, twisting and pulling if someone grabs your arms or clothing. Or even if you need to grab hold of someone, who’s resisting, that’s done something wrong to keep them from getting away. Please note: Violence should always be a last resort.

The Wringer – Increased Street Efficiency?

When you’re practicing twisting and turning of the arms with resistance, imagine how improved your ability will be to break free from someone who has grabbed one of your arms. That wiry, twist and turn movement will be much easier to perform when you are practicing regularly by doing it with added resistance weekly or daily. You’re more conditioned in those areas, and therefore, more efficient at those movements. Better forearm endurance comes along with the training. This product is shaped like a tube and works both arms at the same time. One other benefit is that it can be used at so many different angles.

Strongest Grip Strengths

Have you ever been to Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes? I have. And the one thing that surprised me the most when I first started training was how, from all the grabbing, twisting and pulling of the Gi, my hands and forearms were extremely tired after 5 – 10 minutes. I mean, they were so hammered that they were literally seizing. I couldn’t even grab anymore, that’s how worked to their absolute limit they were. But after a few weeks of training the improvement was unbelievable. I can guarantee you that some of the people who possess the strongest grip strength, that’s usable in a street situation, are long-term Judoka and BJJ practitioners. Some of them have true vice-like grip strength.

Twist-StrengthNow, I’m not saying that The Wringer is going to be as effective as those two martial arts for a real life situation, nothing of the sort. It’s always better to train the mind and full-body with real people to spar and learn with. A striking / grappling art with real, live opponents / training partners that will not let you have an easy time. That’s how you improve, learn and stand a much better chance of defending yourself against an attacker. But The Wringer will definitely give the user an advantage in the area of hand and forearm strength and endurance if confronted by an untrained individual who wants to grab hold of you.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when it comes to real life situations, and this is just one piece of a much bigger picture. Mindset, alertness, street smarts, fitness and the ability to react when it matters are a few crucial requirements. However, any advantage you can get is always a good thing.

Wringer Review Conclusion

The Wringer is not cheap to buy. However, it is extremely well made and offers a full range of resistance levels, from easy to very hard. So it’s suitable for everyone no matter what their level. Excellent for improving effective grip and twist strength. And of course, those who just want to build bigger, more muscular forearms. And let’s not forget about the individuals who want superior jar opening power! One person who reviewed this product said they were a rock climber and needed something that would help increase hand and forearm endurance. This is a great solution. A really great product with well deserved excellent reviews.

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  1. Possibly, one of the best out there for working more than just your grip. And it’s transportable too. Have you seem the price of them SideWinders? Cost a bundle.

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