Buy a new Bullworker or a used Original

Bow-Classic_36In the 1970’s and 80’s it wasn’t just the UK, but most of the western world that was impressed with this new device called the Bullworker. Back in those days it was considered as a real challenge to the people who thought they were strong to try to compress it in all the way. I actually remember a few occasions when I was young, where all the men would be putting themselves against each other, in a fun way, to see if anyone could actually close it all the way.

I think there was only like 1 or 2 people who could successfully close it all the way. Most could close it if they directed one hand / arm toward their knees as this made it much easier to push down at an angle and use all their strength. But holding both arms out evenly in front and pressing it all the way was difficult. Some people say that the original Bullworker was tougher to press than the newer models.

But with their being quite a few new models to compare to, the reviews on how they compare to the classic are quite mixed. I mean, to name some, there’s the Bullworker X5 (+Gold Pack), X7, Steel Bow, The Bullworker 36 Inch Bow Classic, and then there’s quite a few alternative products like the heavy-duty press exerciser and the Retrociser, both of which are basically Bullworkers made by a different company.

Can you get fit from only using a Bullworker?

I always recommend mixing training methods and routines. Cross train as much as possible. This way you don’t get bored so easily. It’s always best to keep things fresh and more exciting. But yes, you can get fit from only using the Bullworker. However, I would, at minimum, do some form of heart working cardio training to go with it, such as running / jogging, or swimming. If these seem a bit too time consuming, or activities you can’t really see yourself doing, you could substitute them for exercises like Burpees or skipping with a rope that has weighted handles.

Those two will be decent substitutes, but some form of running is always recommended, as it really cleans the cobwebs out of the heart and lungs. I know its daunting to some people who haven’t run in a while, but start slow and work your way up. Your stamina will soon improve massively. Any of the exercises, coupled with the workouts the Bullworker will provide, is enough to reach a good level of fitness, stamina and muscle tone.

Which one should you buy?

Well, that is totally dependant on what type of person you are, and what your budget is. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand to own a piece of equipment that someone else has used extensively, or you don’t want to touch something that has been stored away in a loft or shed for a few years, and shows some wear, then buying a used second-hand original Bullworker from eBay is probably not the choice for you.

I say this because the original model is no longer produced, so used is the only option. You may get lucky and find one for sale online that was never used, but you may have a long wait and would most probably pay more than you would for one that shows some age. If you don’t want to spend much money and could learn to live with the little sacrifices a used, but original version comes with then take a look on eBay, as there are many being sold.

For the people who don’t mind spending the extra few quid and want to unravel a nice shiny new Bullworker that’s brand new in the box and has a lovely smooth operation, the newer models are actually really good. The two main ones are the 20 Inch Steel Bow and the 36 Inch Bow Classic. With the two being the same price in most outlets it makes sense to go with the bigger version.


The smaller Steel Bow does have the advantage of being more portable and easy to carry around, and is also more family friendly in the way of it being much more manageable for other people, such as older / younger women and men. Another good thing about the newer models is that they are adjustable. Both the Steel Bow and Bow Classic come with two different springs, each with different resistance levels and can be easily changed to suit the desired resistance level or ability of the person using it.

If you want something that you can take with you when on the road, the Steel Bow is most probably the best option due to its smaller size. It also comes with a carry bag. However, being 20 Inches in length, it’s still not the smallest piece of training equipment to be lugging around. If you want something much smaller (handheld), just as well made (if not better), and originally made by the same inventor (Gert F. Koelbel), the Isokinator might be worth looking at.

But be warned, it’s a great device, but it makes the newer Bullworkers look cheap in comparison. The Isokinator is basically double the price (at its cheapest with the classic model), which can be way out of many people’s price range. Some models of Isokinator, such as the Green Giant, are around 3 times as expensive in the UK, USA and Germany (Some of the main markets for these products).

But just like the Bullworkers, old and new, it is an extremely well made and long-lasting product. So you will definitely get your moneys worth. The rest is up to you with how motivated you are to do some training. Either of these products (their full ranges) can and will put up with whatever you can throw at it, and still be sitting there waiting for more.

If you want something even smaller, more portable than the rest, and don’t need the high level of resistance the other products provide, the Iso-Bow may be a good fit for you. You can do tension / resistance workouts with this little pocket-sized training aid, but its main focus is on stretching / flexibility exercises. It’s a great item for helping a person get, or remain supple. And it’s not only the cheapest and the easiest to conceal, but also the most simplistic out of all the devices offered by Bullworker_UK.

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