Bruce Lee Dragon Weighted Handles Skipping Rope

Bruce Lee-Weighted-Handles-Skipping-RopeA Bruce Lee Skipping Rope! This is a great item for all Bruce Lee fans who want to get in, or stay in shape. The box is superb. It has Brucie Boy on the front in a classic fighting stance from the film, Enter The Dragon. This alone makes it an excellent gift for any martial arts or Bruce Lee fan. The item itself is a lot like the other skipping ropes that are weighted.

Pictured to the right: Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Weighted Skipping Rope

It has foam covered handles (that say “Bruce Lee” on), a genuine leather rope, and two metal weights that are placed inside the handles from below. The bottom of the handles screw in at the base so the weights are secure. By all accounts the Bruce Lee skipping rope is really well made and will last many years.

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With skipping ropes that have a real leather rope, after a while, like 6 months to a year, they can wear out and snap at the top of the handles where the friction from skipping wears out the rope over time. But, when this happens you can always just open the handles, take the weight out and re-attach the leather rope to the fixture inside the top of the handles. This is a nice long rope so you can do this many times and it will still be long enough for most people to skip with.

Bruce Lee-Dragon-Weighted-Handles-Skipping-Rope

As far as skipping ropes go, weighted is always better if you want a really good cardio workout from skipping. Most skipping ropes with weighted handles weigh around half a kilo per handle. This might not sound like a lot, but this small added bit of weight makes skipping A LOT harder. It works the shoulders and forearms more than a normal rope. And this makes it a much harder exercise over all.

I’ve had people come up to me in Gyms and ask me if they can use my weighted rope. I always say yes, after I’ve finished with it. One time this guy who looked really athletic asked me to use my rope. So I gave it to him and within 1 minute he handed it back to me and said “That’s too hard, how come you use one like that”. I just said, you get used to it after a while. But it just goes to show how hard it can be if you’ve been doing exercises like weight training for a long time without mixing it with cardio exercises. However, I think he was a smoker, so no surprise with how out of breath he was. This is a superb item and would make a great gift. Buy it today!

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