New Fitbit Surge Super Watch – Blue

£199.99 £189.00

GPS  Technology and synchronisation to your mobile phone make the Fitbit Surge a top contender in the ever-growing market place of Activity Trackers. Available in 3 different colours: Black, Red (Tangerine) and Blue. Follow the link to see the other colours for sale (Blue and Red). Fitbit Surge will help push you further than ever before, helping monitor heart rate (BPM) beats per minute, steps taken, and also keeping a watch on how many calories you have burned.



The Fitbit Surge uses Bluetooth 4.0 and has built-in GPS technology. When it comes to working out it’s a great companion to have. This model is available in the colours mentioned above and also two different sizes: Small and Large. Battery life between charges is reported as pretty good.

This model is all the rage right now. Everyone is clambering over each other to buy one. It is a very advanced Activity Tracker.  It goes one step further than most with even being able to keep its watchful eyes on you when your sleeping. It all seems a bit Big Brother to me to be honest. Heart rate, how far you’ve run great. Sleeping? Hmm. Each to their own I guess.

However, it is good for training and does help millions of people world-wide track how hard and for how long they are training, and makes it easy for them to push their training to new limits. Common questions: Is it waterproof? Not fully. Splash proof, rain resistant etc, but don’t go and take a bath wearing it, or go swimming wearing the Surge. Where can I buy it from in the UK? The link above. Can it be used when I’m on the treadmill? Yep. What about when I’m on my push bike? Yes will work. Looks great in blue.


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