Everlast Velcro Boxing Gloves (Black, 16 oz.)

The 16 oz Everlast Velcro Boxing Gloves (In Black) are perfect for boxing training, whether that be at the boxing gym or at home on the punch bag in the garage or shed. Coupled with hand wraps, 16 oz gloves are pretty heavy, so anything over 4 – 5 rounds on a heavy bag will give you a really good workout.

These gloves can be worn when sparring but caution should be used due to the velcro. Just to be on the safe side, if you’re sparring someone who has a professional fight coming up don’t wear these gloves, or any that have velcro fastening as you could cause a facial injury resulting in the person not being able to fight. Of course, an injury can happen with any gloves when the leather is flying but I’ve seen it happen before so just wanted to point it out.

They are also not for use in competition. However, anything else boxing related will be fine. Everlast make good products, and the reviews on these gloves speak for themselves. Good product for the price.

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