Adidas Weighted Boxing Gloves

Add more resistance to your training, improve stamina and increase muscle tone. Also helps with punching fluency.

  • Top quality Adidas product
  • Velcro fastening
  • One size fits all


There are many different types of weighted boxing gloves. Most are unbranded, a little cheaper to buy, and do their intended job very well. However, for a little bit more money you can actually buy these Adidas gloves. They really don’t cost that much more, and the majority of people will opt for a branded pair rather than unbranded. This pair weighs 0.5KG each and are made from a stretchy material. They are velcro fastening and make a great companion for shadow boxing, adding some extra resistance to your punching. This in turn helps tone the arms and shoulders, improve your cardio (depending on how hard and long you train for), and also helps with punch fluency.

Of course, you can always go for tube-shaped hand weights, which when used for shadow boxing generally weigh the same, and they will work just as well. But some prefer that all-in-one, enclosed glove that they can just slip on and get working out. This type actually look like MMA gloves.

You can use these for shadow boxing, but if you don’t care about wrecking them you could put them on and then put on some real padded boxing gloves and do a few rounds of heavy bag work. Or even some ground and pound if that’s you’re thing. Perhaps buy a cheaper pair first if you intend on trying that, just in case they split from the impact of hitting the bag.

Please only attempt this type of training if you have some experience, are fairly well-trained, and have a tough pair of hands. The weighted glove / padded glove / heavy bag combination has the potential to be a really demanding workout. If this sounds interesting, you’ll be glad to know that you can already buy boxing gloves that have weights in the wrist area. They are quite expensive though. Another alternative is to attach ankle weights to the wrist area. All good methods to add some serious intensity to your boxing workout.