66fit Ab Roller Wheel With Free Knee Pad


The two-wheel 66fit Abdominal Roller offers a good workout for a very cheap price. It not only works your stomachs core but also your arms and back muscles.The hand grips are covered with a nice soft foam, and as an added bonus this model comes with a much-needed knee pad.



The 66fit Ab Roller is a great product for an affordable price. When you first start using an abdominal exerciser it will leave your stomach sore for days afterwards. But the more you use it and improve your overall core and lower stomach strength, the easier it will become. Stick with it and you will see great results.

This model is one of the best out there. It has a very high reviewer rating and consistently receives either a 4 or 5 star rating. The free knee pad is a really good benefit to the user. If you’ve never used an Ab wheel before you will not yet be aware of how uncomfortable it can be on the knees to exercise using an Ab wheel when kneeling down on a hard surface.

With that base covered it makes for a more comfortable experience, and leaves you to concentrate on the important things..Getting in shape! Want more information? Read more about the 66fit on this website.