Adidas Weighted Boxing Gloves

Add more resistance to your training, improve stamina and increase muscle tone. Also helps with punching fluency.

  • Top quality Adidas product
  • Velcro fastening
  • One size fits all


Everlast Velcro Boxing Gloves (Black, 16 oz.)

Everlast Quality boxing gloves. Made from a tough but flexible foam. Velcro fastening so very quick and easy to put on and take off. The thumb is attached to the hand of the glove to ensure no injury to thumbs when punching from different angles. […]

Red or Black Lonsdale 14oz Boxing Gloves

Cheap Lonsdale boxing gloves. Velcro fastening. Foam filled. Made from Synthetic leather and available in red, black, blue and pink. Sizes (Weights) to choose from: 10.oz, 12.oz, 14oz and 16oz. Genuine Lonsdale product. […]