Lintelek i3 (IP67) Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor

The Lintelek i3 HR Smart Bracelet offers a heart rate montior and pedometer in an IP67 waterproof enclosure. All at a fraction of the price of what the big players cost to buy.

    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Pedometer
    • Touch Screen
    • IP67 Waterproof Rating
    • Sleep Monitor
    • Bright Display
    • Bluetooth 4
    • Detachable Control Unit
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New Fitbit Surge Super Watch – Blue

GPS Technology and synchronisation to your mobile phone make the Fitbit Surge a top contender in the ever-growing market place of Activity Trackers. Available in 3 different colours: Black, Red (Tangerine) and Blue. Follow the link to see the other colours for sale (Blue and Red). Fitbit Surge will help push you further than ever before, helping monitor heart rate (BPM) beats per minute, steps taken, and also keeping a watch on how many calories you have burned. […]