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Classic Manny Paquiao MP T-Shirt


There are a lot of Manny Paquiao T-Shirts out there with various designs but this one is in the original classic Pacman styling. It reads “Jesus Is The Name Of The Lord”. And has the initials MP in big lettering…
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Funny Boxing Midgets T-Shirt


This is quite a funny boxing related T-Shirt. It has a picture of two midget’s wearing boxing gloves and reads “Midget Boxing, always bet on the little guy” In between the two midget’s it says Atlantic City, NJ. It reminds…
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Get Fitbit Battery Replacement Here


Where would all the Fitbit freaks be if Fitbit never allowed for the unit to have a replacement battery. Most would be annoyed if the Fitbit had an internal battery that could be charged but never be totally replaced. Not…
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Double Wheel ELITE Ab Roller Sale


New to Rolling the Abs? Well then you need to take a look at the excellent Elite stomach exerciser. The Double Wheel ELITE Ab Roller has a wider spacing between the two wheels. This feature is useful because it makes…
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Spiderman Punching Xmas Gift Deal


For kids who love Spiderman and Boxing! These funny, oversized Spiderman boxing gloves are a lot of fun. They are made from foam / fabric and have a soft bar inside each hand that goes across sideways, so that kids…
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