Men’s Adidas Hog Boxing Boots

Adidas-Hog Sparring-UK

If you’re someone that’s getting into boxing and are finding that you are sparring on a regular basis you may want to invest in a good pair of boxing boots. You can always just spar in normal trainers and do just fine, however, the extra ankle support offered by a high boot specifically designed for […]

Feiyue Martial Arts Tai Chi Wushu Training Shoes


Lightweight, simply styled, and with an excellent grip, Feiyue Wushu Training Shoes are a great fit for many types of martial arts, and other forms of exercise. A few of those include Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Taiji and Tai Chi. These training pumps are renowned the world over by those in the […]

Isokinator Green Giant Reviews – Worth it?

GG Koelbel Review

When people take a look at the full range of Isokinator’s they usually make a beeline for the biggest and baddest model available. That is, of course, the Green Giant. However, the one thing that quickly stops people in their tracks is the price. When they find out that the Green Giant is not that […]

Buy a new Bullworker or a used Original


In the 1970’s and 80’s it wasn’t just the UK, but most of the western world that was impressed with this new device called the Bullworker. Back in those days it was considered as a real challenge to the people who thought they were strong to try to compress it in all the way. I […]

The Isokinator Classic Review


Isokinator Classic Quick Review. The handheld Isokinator Classic (Pictured) is a very portable, mobile training device that was made by Gert F. Koelbel. Do you remember a device called the Bullworker? Well, would it surprise you discover that Gert F. Koelbel is also the man who brought us the Bullworker. It’s true. He is an […]

Anthony Joshua “AJ” Signed Boxing Glove UK Memorabilia


Anthony Joshua Signed Glove UK Memorabilia. Heavyweight powerhouse Anthony Joshua is certainly one of the most talked about boxers at the moment. From humble beginnings, to almost always spreading a positive message, it’s not hard to see why he has so many fans. There’s a lot to like. And that admiration is not just from […]

Bullworker 90™ 3 Month Guide Book


Bullworker 90™ 3 Month Exercise Guide Training Course Book. The Bullworker looks like a very basic piece of training equipment. With all the new exercise gear out there these days, most people look at this contraption as old and obsolete. But, truth be told, resistance training, no matter the year, is always going to be […]