White Lonsdale Boxing Boots


It’s not very often you find a high quality pair of boxing boots for sale in the high street retail world that are available in such a huge amount of color combinations. Usually with most brands that are sold on the high street you get the usual run of the mill White (Pictured), Blue, Red and Black. Lonsdale Storm boxing boots are different.

They are available in some great colours like Green, Blue with Lime, and our best combination, Grey and Orange (Pictured below). Branded Boxing boots, like Adidas Hog, usually start at a fairly steep price point but these Lonsdale Storm start (and finish) at a much lower price than that. Again, with most footwear in general, when the price “starts from” it usually means the sizes or colors that no one wants are the cheapest. Not with these boots. They are available in almost all colours and sizes for around the same price.


Their cheap price does not mean they are cheaply made boxing boots by any means. They are good quality for the price. Made from Suede Leather and fitted with a durable EVA mid-sole, which has been tailor made by Lonsdale to give great foot support and comfort when boxing training, sparring, or even in the heat of competition.

So, If you’re looking to get back into boxing after some downtime, or you just need a new pair of boxing boots and you don’t have much to spend, these Lonsdale Storm boxing boots should fit the bill. Lonsdale do make good quality boxing boots, so these should last a good while. Perfect for sparring.

These boots were featured on some major websites a few months back, one of those being Sports Direct, but were being sold at a discount price in a different colour way. At this time they are only available on Amazon at the discount price in the color combinations pictured here.

However, they are regularly being sold on eBay for cheap anyway. Sizing starts at UK 6 and goes all the way up to a UK size 14. Lonsdale also make some nice boots for women. The Khaki pair are nice, but be sure to double check the size you need as they are reviewed by some women as not being true to size.

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