More Mile More Lift 3 Weight Training Shoes

If you’re just getting serious about lifting, or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fairly expensive pair of powerlifting shoes, unisex More Mile More Lift 3 (New release: See the new More Lift 4) could be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve never heard of the name More Mile, not to worry. They mostly specialise in running / trail footwear and sports clothing. They also make some of the best running socks available within their price bracket.



More Mile More Lift 3 in Red / White / Black

Specialising in these highly related fields definitely makes them qualified to produce a great pair of weight lifting shoes, and by most accounts they have achieved that with the More Lift 3. In fact, take a look across their product range and you will find that almost all their products for sale on Amazon have excellent reviews.

The More Mile More Lift 3, in this colourway (pictured above), and with the velcro strap going across the front, look fairly similar to the Adidas Power Perfect II in their original red and white colours. And like the Power Perfect 2, these provide a solid structure in order to effectively handle the increased pressure of carrying extra weight without giving way.




When handling a considerable amount of weight, normal trainers won’t cut it. Of course, you can wear them, and a lot of people do, but under a heavy load you will feel them give way (the soft soles will flatten) and become quite unstable. Some people actually prefer to lift barefoot, but that has its downfalls also.

How much weight can the More Lift 3 support?

It’s safe to say, much more than you can physically handle. We’re talking world record levels and far beyond. They offer good support, great stability, adequate grip and a budget price tag. Great for squats, dead-lifts, clean and jerk, and a whole host of other exercises involving very heavy weights.

Why pay more money, mainly for brand recognition, when these more miles can do the job just as well. They are available in White / Red or Black / Blue (Both pictured). Adult sizing starts at a UK 4 and goes up to a UK 11. Nice pair of powerlifting shoes for those on a tight budget.

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