Men’s Adidas Hog Boxing Boots

If you’re someone that’s getting into boxing and are finding that you are sparring on a regular basis you may want to invest in a good pair of boxing boots. You can always just spar in normal trainers and do just fine, however, the extra ankle support offered by a high boot specifically designed for boxing sparring / fighting will give you far better overall leg support and ankle stability.

Adidas-Hog Sparring-UK

Adidas Hog 2 In Black. Want something a bit more colourful?

Check out the multi-coloured Adidas Hog Plus

Personally, I used to do a fair amount of boxing sparring myself and I have sparred wearing both. I much preferred wearing high boxing boots because they made everything feel more measured and controlled from the waist down. Although you can feel a little bit limited the first time you wear a pair, you soon get used to wearing them. Some boxers, most notably Mike Tyson, preferred to wear very low-cut boxing shoes when boxing and sparring.

Mike Tyson liked having the ankle freedom of a low-cut boxing shoe, possibly due to his impressive, and very effective bob and weave style needing the ankle to be free in order to duck and weave without feeling limited from wearing a very high, ankle enclosing boxing boot. For that type of boxing style, and having worn both normal trainers and high boxing boots myself, I can see why Mike Tyson wore low-cut shoes to box in.

It really depends on an individuals style and preference. For most people though, a high boxing boot is the way to go, and you won’t find much better for the price than a pair of Adidas Hog.

Adidas Hog boxing boots are lightweight, very breathable, and also very long-lasting. A pair of Adidas Hog will literally last you for many years. Definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re becoming serious about boxing, or even if you do it just to keep fit and find yourself sparring often.

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  1. Not much difference between these and the Hog 2. Not many know the hog are made in blue, red, black and white. All most ever see is the black pairs.

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