Adidas Power Perfect II Weight Lifting Shoes

Offering superb stability and a raised heel, these Adidas Power Perfect II training shoes have been specifically made for weight lifting. The soles are made from a strong Polymer adding more support, balance, and resistance. Power Perfect II are the big brothers of the older version of Adidas weight lifting trainers, the Adidas Ironwork range. If you weight lift anything near to, or over your own body weight, be it squats, dead lifts, clean and jerk etc, and you do so in normal trainers, you will feel the soft soles giving way under the extra weight. And as they do start to give way, they become more unbalanced and unsteady. This is one of the main advantages between wearing a normal pair trainers for this type of training and wearing a pair of reinforced Adidas Power Perfect II.


Adidas Power Perfect II are only intended to be used for weight lifting, and as a result they are completely solid. So they are not recommended as trainers for everyday wear. However, for their purpose, which is high intensity weight lifting, they are absolutely perfect. The customer reviews on Amazon UK reflect this extremely well. Adidas Power Perfect II have a score of 4.8 out of 5 from 231 customer reviews when last checked.

They are also available on, but don’t seem to be as popular as they have no reviews yet. Update: They now have some reviews. Not surprisingly, positive ones. Perhaps people are buying them cheaper from somewhere else. Make no mistake, they are expensive but well worth the money if you are someone who frequents the gym and lifts heavy weights.

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