Adidas AdiPower PowerLifting Shoes

The AdiPower weight training shoes are very similar to the other Adidas shoes that have been made for weightlifting, the Power Perfect range, which are also reviewed on this website. In fact, they are so similar that in terms of which are better for weightlifting, they are very evenly matched. Both are heavy-duty, specifically engineered for weight lifting. They each have the Velcro strap for added stability and both are reinforced with Polymer to provide a solid structure and supreme support when under extreme pressure.



The Classic ColourwayRed AdiPowers

An added bonus for the Adi-Power is that they are Unisex. As a result, Adidas Adi-power are available in much smaller sizes. In fact, right down to a UK size 4. This is not only a good aspect for women weight lifters but also for younger people who are getting into weightlifting and have had trouble finding a suitable pair of shoes to work out in. Adi-Power are perfect for power lifting exercises like Squats, Dead lifts, and even Clean and jerk.

Visible differences between the two are that the Power Perfect II have a solid “wedge” heel, where as the Adi-power have a vented construction, resulting in a lighter weighted sole. Much needed air holes for good breathability are present on both pairs but located in different areas on each shoe. It really comes down to an individuals preference as to which pair they prefer, and ultimately end up buying.


Fresh lookingWhite AdiPower

In terms of features and value for money, you can’t go far wrong with either pair. They are both kitted out with the same technology. Adidas Adi-Power are red in colour and look a little more louder style-wise than the more plainer, Adidas Power Perfect II. It would have been a nice finishing touch if Adidas could have put some flare on the Velcro strap just to make both pairs even more stylish.

Never the less, it’s a small niggle, and does not affect the performance. Although they do look better than 99% of the other weight lifting shoes available, which is part of the appeal, Adidas Adi-Power were designed for weight lifting, not a fashion contest, and for that purpose they are hard to criticise and very hard to beat for their required job role.

As a side note, each pair should not be worn for walking around in, or worse, for everyday wear, as this will definitely result in most people suffering from shin splints due to the much-needed for their purpose, close-to-zero cushioning that the hardened soles are incorporated with. Looking for something cheaper? Take a look at the More Mile More Lift 3on this page.

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  1. One of the best pairs of weightlifting shoes available to easily buy online are Adidas AdiPower. They have been talked about already before. The two most common colours for Adidas AdiPower are the red pairs and the black pairs, so this white pair (now pictured above) are a really nice addition to the collection.

    They are not cheap, but for their quality and purpose, they are well worth the money. These shoes are solid and last for years, they are a good investment if you’re a regular heavy lifter at the gym.

    Just an awesome pair of shoes for weightlifting. The Adidas AdiPower range has expanded. They not only do weightlifting shoes as talked about here, but also make shoes for other sports such as Fencing, Hockey, Tennis, and BasketBall.

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