Spiderman Punching Xmas Gift Deal

Spiderman-Boxing-Gloves-Kids-RedFor kids who love Spiderman and Boxing! These funny, oversized Spiderman boxing gloves are a lot of fun. They are made from foam / fabric and have a soft bar inside each hand that goes across sideways, so that kids have something to hold on to when wearing the gloves. Gives for a better impact and grip when punching unsuspecting adults! Don’t get too worried, they are extremely padded and really soft so it doesn’t hurt when getting hit. Unless you have the next Mike Tyson in your household!


Hulk-Green-Boxing-Hands-SmashThey’re not just for kids, but also big enough in size for grown ups to wear too. Buy yourself a pair also and have lots of laughs over the Xmas holidays. The Spiderman gloves are great, but they are also available in the Hulk version too for around the same price.


In fact, the Hulk fists are more popular than the Spiderman ones. Both pairs will make great little Xmas presents, and you should have a fair idea of which pair your kid, or the child you are buying them for will prefer out of the Spiderman or Hulk examples. Just to add: You do get two hands, not one. And they don’t make any cool little noises. I know that some people wanted this feature but sadly its not present in these pairs.

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