Sandee Muay Thai Kick + Punch Pads


Along with Top King, Fairtex and a few others, Sandee is one of the best makes out there for Muay Thai gear. Their level of quality is so consistent that its hard for me, who’s someone that likes a bargain, to be able to admit that they are worth the money. That’s because they are […]

Top King Thai Boxing Shin Guards UK


Top King shin guards are sold in the UK. Been doing Thai Boxing or MMA for a while? If so, you will no doubt be aware of how much it hurts to clash shins with someone in sparring. Never trained Muay Thai or MMA before? Take my word for it, it hurts like hell. Don’t […]

Irish Colours Thai Boxing Shorts


Beautiful Thai Boxing Shorts in the Irish colours! Or close enough to them. Green – White – Gold / Yellow. These are top quality shorts that feature the 96 Penang writing the front, which is a world-renowned Thai Boxing gym. They are made by Lumpinee. Lumpinee is / was a stadium in Thailand where some […]

Red Bull Thai Boxing Shorts


Here we have the Red Bull Thai Boxing Shorts. They are a bit different to the traditional Thai Boxing shorts with the Thai style writing on the front.These are slightly more versatile. They have the two bulls charging at each other on the front. Despite also having the word THAIBOXING on the front, they can […]

Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil

Good old Thai Oil, you either love it or hate it. Personally I love the stuff. It smells wonderful and is very effective. Very warming. Almost like deep heat cream. Can be used before training (to warm up the muscles), and after training also to help muscles feel soothed and relaxed. Great oil that’s used […]