BuddyBand 2 Activity Tracker Watch Review


Some of you may remember the first model of the BuddyBand, and those who do will most probably have fond memory’s of it. The original BuddyBand was a great product and the second model is considered by many to be just as good. If not better. This product is not just an Activity Tracking watch […]

The New Fitbit Surge Waterproof?

Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge. Much bigger on the wrist than most of the other models. It’s pretty thick. So, is it waterproof? Hmm, this question has a grey area. Fitbit claim this model is sweat proof, splash proof and rain resistant, but not to be worn when swimming or in the shower.

Fitbit Surge […]

Waterproof Fitbit For Swimming Watersports UK


You wanted a reliable Fitbit that was suitable for watersports like swimming, surfing, canoeing and even triathlon training. Well here it is. This Fitbit Charge HR (In black) has been waterproofed by Waterfi and is guaranteed to be leak free for 12 months or they will either repair or replace. It works well for monitoring […]

Get Fitbit Battery Replacement Here


Fitbit Charge HR in Teal

Where would all the Fitbit freaks be if Fitbit never allowed for the unit to have a replacement battery. Most would be annoyed if the Fitbit had an internal battery that could be charged but never be totally replaced. Not easily anyway. Kind of like Apple iPods, iPhones etc. […]