Morefit Slim Fitness Tracker Review


At first glance what does this Morefit Slim (touch) remind you of. In fact, forget first glance, the Morefit Slim looks identical to the Fitbit Alta (They even have close to the same review score). But that’s not a bad thing. And its nothing new. If you take a browse through the many Fitness Trackers […]

Letscom ID107Plus HR Fitness Tracker Review


The Letscom ID107Plus HR Fitness Tracker, with its excellent review score, is one in a long line of Smartwatches that now dominate most of the health tracker related listings on eBay and Amazon. A big majority have brand names that are widely unheard of.

Pictured: The ID107Plus in Black

However, that doesn’t necessarily […]

Fitbit Charge 2 Metal Replacement Band / Strap


Pictured: The magnetic replacement mesh band in silver. See it here.

Overall, the Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent fitness tracker that has had some key features that were somewhat lacking on the previous model improved. And as good as it is, it’s not perfect by any means. What are the some […]

YAMAY SW501 Waterproof Exercise Watch


Fitness trackers that have some quality, and actually work, don’t come much cheaper than the YAMAY SW501. This isn’t really an exercise bracelet, like a Fitbit HR, it’s more of a watch in stature. Which is somewhat comparable in appearance to the Fitbit Blaze. Could it be considered as an alternative to the Blaze. In […]

Lincass Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Review


The Lincass range of Fitness trackers are one more brand in an already long line of smart watches that are aimed at bringing the user a good, usable product at a much cheaper price than its much more well-known competitors. Does it hit the spot? Well, which model are you looking for.. There are so […]

Garmin Forerunner 235 Heart Rate Watch Sale


If you want to find out more about this watch continue to read below. If you already know what you’re getting with the 235 and just want to hear about the sale that’s going on, here it is. The Black Friday, and soon to be Cyber Monday sales have made the Forerunner 235 a little […]

Fitbit Charge 2 Pre-Order? No Need – Buy Today


Lot’s of eager people, many of whom are owners of the Charge HR, are hunting around for places where they can pre-order the new Fitbit Charge 2. But there is no need. The Fitbit Charge 2 is already released and up for sale on many of the Internets leading outlets. You can buy one right […]