Isokinator Green Giant Reviews – Worth it?

GG Koelbel Review

When people take a look at the full range of Isokinator’s they usually make a beeline for the biggest and baddest model available. That is, of course, the Green Giant. However, the one thing that quickly stops people in their tracks is the price. When they find out that the Green Giant is not that […]

Buy a new Bullworker or a used Original


In the 1970’s and 80’s it wasn’t just the UK, but most of the western world that was impressed with this new device called the Bullworker. Back in those days it was considered as a real challenge to the people who thought they were strong to try to compress it in all the way. I […]

The Isokinator Classic Review


Isokinator Classic Quick Review. The handheld Isokinator Classic (Pictured) is a very portable, mobile training device that was made by Gert F. Koelbel. Do you remember a device called the Bullworker? Well, would it surprise you discover that Gert F. Koelbel is also the man who brought us the Bullworker. It’s true. He is an […]

Bullworker 90™ 3 Month Guide Book


Bullworker 90™ 3 Month Exercise Guide Training Course Book. The Bullworker looks like a very basic piece of training equipment. With all the new exercise gear out there these days, most people look at this contraption as old and obsolete. But, truth be told, resistance training, no matter the year, is always going to be […]

Folding Weights Bench For Bench Press


Folding weights benches / bench press equipment for sale in the UK. Bench pressing has been a very popular exercise for decades. Not only in the UK, but worldwide. It focuses primarily on the upper body, with the pecks and arms (Including the Anterior Deltoids and Triceps) taking the brunt of the force. Of […]

Bullworker And Alternatives For Sale


I bet there’s quite few people old enough to remember the classic Bullworker. When it first came out in the 1960’s, which was a bit before my time, it was a revolutionary piece of training equipment. And not just for upper body exercises either, but also for leg exercises. Take a look at the Bullworker […]

The Wringer – Hand / Forearm and Twist Strength

We’ve all seen many traditional styled grip strengtheners in our time. And many new contraptions too. They’ve been around for years and there are many to choose from. Looking for the more “normal” hand grips? Check out some of the Best Grip strengtheners on this website. The Wringer is a little bit different to the […]