Improve Accuracy And Reflexes With A Tennis Ball Punch Cap

If you’re into boxing you may have seen some of the top, arguably pound for pound boxers in the world (Sergey Kovalev and Vasyl Lomachenko to quickly name two) wearing a strange but simple device that consists of a cap, some elasticated string with a tennis ball attached to the end.

After seeing this you […]

Golovkin Vs Canelo Rematch Confirmed For September 2018

It has been confirmed that the Golovkin Vs Canelo rematch will take place on September 15th 2018. With the fight looking like not taking place for quite some time due to disagreements with the money split, a deal was reached where both sides were happy with. Supposedly, the percentage is approximately 42% to Golovkin, and […]

Anthony Joshua “AJ” Signed Boxing Glove UK Memorabilia


Anthony Joshua Signed Glove UK Memorabilia. Heavyweight powerhouse Anthony Joshua is certainly one of the most talked about boxers at the moment. From humble beginnings, to almost always spreading a positive message, it’s not hard to see why he has so many fans. There’s a lot to like. And that admiration is not just from […]

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin Boxing T-Shirt UK


Middleweight wrecking machine, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin is widely considered as one of the most exciting boxers in the world right now. He is currently the holder of most of the “real” middleweight world title belts. The only one missing from his collection is the WBO.

Pictured: Best quality and good reviews for the cheap price. […]

Weighted Fingerless Shadow Boxing Gloves


If you’ve looked into this product line recently there’s no doubt you will be aware of how many pairs of weighted boxing gloves there are out there for sale. Surprisingly, most of them have quite bad review scores. Being a relatively simple product to make, and make well, It’s actually rather disappointing to read. […]

Women’s Low Priced Velcro Boxing Gloves


Women’s Evo Boxing Gloves are an excellent choice for those who want a good quality, versatile product for a low price. These gloves can be used for many different types of training classes. Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Boxercise are the most suitable. They are also perfect for training at home alone on the […]

Remove The Stale Smell From Boxing Gloves


Anybody who’s been involved in boxing for a prolonged period of time, at any level, will surely have experienced either having to wear a big pair of smelly boxing gloves at the gym, or had their own gloves start to stink after a while of ownership. It’s just the build up of sweat / moisture […]