Women’s Low Priced Velcro Boxing Gloves

womens-evo-butterfly-pattern-boxing-glovesWomen’s Evo Boxing Gloves are an excellent choice for those who want a good quality, versatile product for a low price. These gloves can be used for many different types of training classes. Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Boxercise are the most suitable. They are also perfect for training at home alone on the punch bag or doing some pad work with a training partner.

New product available for 2018 / 2019.

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They are well suited for all types of training but not really suitable for competition. These EVO boxing gloves, with their pretty butterfly design are velcro fastening and made from Rexine Leather. This is not real leather. Some people may want real leather, but others, like Vegans, prefer faux leather. The padding is a mix of foam and GEL, so they do a good job of safeguarding the hands. Ideally, you should wear hand wraps with boxing gloves to add more padding and stability. This adds an extra layer of protection.

However, the padding in these gloves should be adequate for most people to be able to just put them on and get training. Note: Always warm up properly to minimize the risk of injury. Want more padding? Order a bigger size. They are available in sizes (weights) from 8 Oz – 14 Oz. The bigger the size the harder the workout will be.

Your shoulders will feel the burn quicker when wearing heavier gloves. If using them for bag work I would recommend the biggest gloves possible. In this case that’s 14 Oz. This ensures a high level of padding and will give you a harder workout. However, this will not be for everyone. People new to this type of training should probably go for 10 Oz – 12 Oz.

Women’s Evo Fitness boxing gloves make a great companion for getting in shape for the new year! For the price they are a great buy. Looking for unisex boxing gloves that are just as cheap as these. Check out the Lonsdale 14oz, which are available in Black, Pink, Blue and Red.

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