Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder – Even Fight or Cherry Pick?

Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder for the WBC Heavyweight Title. The fight has been announced and is set to take place sometime later this year. The money split is reported to be a clean 50/50 for each fighter, and the location where the fight will take place is more than likely going to be Las Vegas. Can Tyson Fury dethrone the current WBC champion is his own country. The odds are certainly stacked against him. Approximately two years out of the ring, mental health issues, alleged drug use, massive weight gain, 2 comeback fights which were nothing more than light sparring sessions, and no Peter Fury in his corner.

Can you get a worse preparation for taking on the most dangerous fighter in the division, who’s been very active. Under such circumstances it’s definitely a tough ask. But can we really completely right off this man as having zero chance against Wilder. We would be silly to do so. Because if there’s one thing that Tyson Fury still has by the bucket load, other than excellent movement and a great boxing brain, it’s self belief. And self belief is one of the most important weapons any boxer can have.



When Tyson fought Wladimir Klitschko, 80% – 90% of the whole world, from boxing fans, commentators and writers, to active / retired boxers, everyone thought he had no chance what so ever. And while it wasn’t the most exciting boxing match of all time, he did beat Klitschko in Germany. So he’s already done it before. And self belief played a big part in his victory over Wladimir.

However, that was at a time when Tyson was being trained by his uncle, Peter Fury, who is a very hard taskmaster. As difficult as super hard training can be, that’s what is needed to beat top-level opposition. Hard training and discipline, no matter how much natural talent a boxer has. A fighter can’t live on what they achieved in the past and not train as hard for future fights. They always get found out. It’s very doubtful that Tyson is training to the same level of extremity that Peter Fury would have demanded now he is training under his new coach, Ben Davison.

Tyson Fury Vs Wilder – Even Fight or Cherry Pick

This fight is almost certainly a cherry pick from Wilder. A mismatch. He knows boxing, and he knows that Tyson isn’t ready right now. That’s why he wants the fight next. Perfect timing. And boxing is all about timing. Sadly, all this hype about the fight being the chance for Wilder to fight the Lineal champion is just that, hype. Deontay Wilder has seen an opportunity to take on someone who’s a shadow of their former self, but still has a recognised name, and try to twist it to the boxing casuals like he’s fighting the most dangerous man in the division.

Wilder was offered fights against Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua for purses far exceeding anything he has ever made from any fight in his boxing career, yet he turned them down. In fact Dillian “Danger man” Whyte was Wilder’s mandatory, and Wilder was offered huge money to sign the contract, but still he wouldn’t take the fight. Some people say he is scared of Whyte, and going on his own actions, that conclusion does seem plausible.

Back to the upcoming Fury – Wilder match. Did you know? When Tyson Fury offered to fight Joshua in his first fight back, out of respect, and wanting to fight Fury at his best, Anthony Joshua said: Let’s wait until your fighting regularly and back in top form, then we can get it on. Wilder however, does not have the same respect. He sees easy work and has jumped at the chance to take on the weakest, biggest name of the division.

Frank Warren, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have recently made comments relating to how the other fighters, really meaning Anthony Joshua, are cowards for not taking the fight against Wilder. But how is this even a comparable situation. Let’s put this into perspective.

The Gypsy King: Raising with no cards in his hand

Tyson Fury, a man who’s coming off a 2 – 3 year lay off, with no titles, and in less than impressive form on his comeback trail, gets the opportunity to fight for the WBC title on his third fight back, and gets offered a 50/50 split. Well, he’s done well for a man who basically had nothing but a name and a mouth to bargain with. Frank Warren would have the public believe that whoever wins this fight is the best heavyweight in the world. Truth is, he’s just trying to sell the fight. He is a boxing promoter after all, looking for the best return on his investment. With the Wilder fight, he has hit the jackpot.

Compare this Wilder – Fury 50/50 deal to Anthony Joshua, the real main man of the division at this point in time. He makes over 20 Million Pounds per fight, sells out stadiums, holds all but one of the major heavyweight belts, and has accumulated those belts in half the amount of total fights that Deontay Wilder has had in his whole career. One man has done all the work, while the other has sat back and played it safe.

While Wilder does get some credit for taking his first real risk in 40 fights and winning against Luis Ortiz, that one risk in 40 fights can hardly been seen as Wilder consistently chasing the best names in the division, when really its the only time he has ever faced a solid opponent. Now, if / when he beats Fury, in just one more fight, that’s if it can actually be made, he gets the chance to win all the belts. Some may see that as smart, while others will see it for what it is. Cowardly.

Is anyone in their right mind going to give 50/50 to a fighter who has one belt, has only fought one decent opponent in his whole career and almost got stopped in that bout, can’t sell out small (in comparison) venues in his own country, and has been milking the title since he won it. Yes, he is dangerous, and does hold a major belt, but with all things considered, does Wilder really deserve half the revenue against AJ. Does he even deserve to fight for all the titles in an undisputed, king of the division unification fight.

The answer is, absolutely not. Furthermore, if Wilder beats Fury, which at this stage of Fury’s comeback he should do so quite comfortably, Wilder gets no credit at all. He has dodged everyone except a faded ex-champion who’s nowhere near ready to start taking on the title holders. This was confirmed in his comeback fights.

But Wilder will take full advantage of this situation, and at the same time try to make people believe he’s taking big risks fighting the “Lineal” champion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Way to go Wilder. Let’s hope Fury does it again and achieves what most think is impossible at this stage of his comeback so we can see Wilder in some more “Cherry picking gone wrong” YouTube videos. Only this time he actually loses rather than just getting rocked.

3 thoughts on “Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder – Even Fight or Cherry Pick?

  1. I wish i could give fury my punch power for that one night. he will need it. And yeah agree with the article. just not the credit for ortiz part. ortiz was 59 years old man haha. if he was younger man he would have iced beyonce

  2. Wilder shoulda faced AJ for all the belts. His advisors are a joke. He want to chase greatness now after avoiding top contenders for 40 fights, he had the chance to get it but ran away from AJ. Now we get more bumsquad BS. You want to read a really funny joke? Go to Boxrec and look at Deontays record. If not laffin you’ll be in shock when you see it for yourself hahaha. BBBUUUUUUUMMMMMMM SQQuaaaaaaaaaaaaDDDDDDDDDD

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