Remove The Stale Smell From Boxing Gloves

Anybody who’s been involved in boxing for a prolonged period of time, at any level, will surely have experienced either having to wear a big pair of smelly boxing gloves at the gym, or had their own gloves start to stink after a while of ownership. It’s just the build up of sweat / moisture tainting the inner lining of the boxing glove, combined with it being in such a confined space, which doesn’t see the light of day too often. So, after a while the smell begins to build up. This is also the case with the other, more common stinker that everyone can relate to – SHOES! However, all is not lost. There are some excellent products out there that do a really good job of deodorizing even the most smelliest of gloves, shoes and bags. One of those is the Meister Nunchuck Style Glove Deodorizers.


All you do is place one of them inside each of your boxing gloves or shoes, leave them in for at least a few hours, preferably overnight, or even a few days if you can. And at the end of the duration chances are that you will be very surprised with the results. Same procedure with gym bags also. The Meister Deodorizer doesn’t just work with boxing gloves, but with any other sport related gloves you can fit them into. It will remove the stale smell from almost anything.

This product is relatively cheap to buy and comes in two different pleasant aromas, Cedar and Fresh Linen. They also last quite a long time. The Meister Deodorizers are not a “use once” and that’s all you get product. They can be used many times. Alternatives well worth a look are the Yellow – NO STINK – mini bags and the Halo Proactive range. All of them work very well and offer great value for money.

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