Golovkin Vs Canelo Rematch Confirmed For September 2018

It has been confirmed that the Golovkin Vs Canelo rematch will take place on September 15th 2018. With the fight looking like not taking place for quite some time due to disagreements with the money split, a deal was reached where both sides were happy with. Supposedly, the percentage is approximately 42% to Golovkin, and 58% for Canelo.

Whilst a lot of people think Golovkin should get a straight 50/50 for this fight, due to GGG still holding most of the world title belts, Canelo getting busted for “tainted meat”, and with Golovkin being a fan favourite himself, this is still a fair deal. Because regardless of what has happened, Canelo Alvarez is still the bigger draw, and in Boxing, that counts for a hell of a lot when it comes to negotiations on the money side of things.



Either way, with the splits being not far from even, both will make tens of millions of dollars for this fight. So who wins the rematch? In truth, while I am a GGG fan, I have to be honest, I thought the first fight was very close. They were extremely evenly matched. GGG applied the pressure and pushed the action no doubt, but Canelo was landing the eye catching shots.

And although he was on the back foot a lot, he was good defensively and countering well. So while I did have GGG winning it by two rounds, I could see that a draw wasn’t out of the question. Although that one scorecard of 118 to Canelo was completely ridiculous.

However, it will be interesting to see how the rematch plays out now that, whether accidental due to tainted meat or not, there has been so much talk about alleged performing enhancing drug use. So the focus will be on how thorough the testing is for this fight. Many people, from boxing fans and online boxing news websites, to those in the boxing business, are more suspicious than ever before about this particular fight.

Will there be neutral judges? Will it be held in Las Vegas? Will random VADA testing be taking place NOW and when both fighters are deep into their camp? All everyone wants is a fair and even playing field, and if we do hopefully get that, I think everyone will be happy to give credit where its due and accept whoever the winner is.

After there last fight has generated so much controversy in one way or another, boxing needs a fair result or it will lose even more fans than it has already, because people are getting too tired of all the drama and corruption that appears to follow boxing around like a bad smell.

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  1. Triple G got robbed last time out and the same will happen this time. He just sold all his belts and unbeaten record.

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