GGG Apparel UK – T-Shirts And Hats

GGG-Mexican-Style-TeeWith the big fight between Golovkin and Canelo fast approaching, and with the build up starting to really gain some momentum, fans are on the lookout for GGG merchandise, mostly in the form of T-shirts and snapback caps.

Pictured: 2 different designs – Mexican Style Triple G T-Shirts in Black

The sad reality for fans is, the UK doesn’t really have a great selection of genuine GGG merchandise. All the best gear is in the USA (and Kazakhstan). And most of the time it sells out very fast. And when it comes to GGG’s Nike Jordan brand apparel (Hoodies, hats etc), that is very hard to find in the UK.

Team-GGG-T-Shirt-RedHowever, there is still some decent memorabilia items in the UK that are genuine, like signed boxing gloves and signed shorts etc. Some of which have video proof if authenticity (GGG filmed while signing the item). The trouble with the non-autographed clothing items, though, is sifting through the many triple G products that have popped up all over the place which are being sold by fly-by-night sellers who are listing items that are absolutely terrible quality.

Pictured: Red and Gold T-Shirt with Jordan Logo

If you take a look on Amazon UK you will quickly see what I mean. At the moment there’s nothing on there for sale except cheap, tacky looking designs which have that hideous low quality vinyl printing that peels off really quickly, leaving behind a blank cap or flaking t-shirt. All print designs are susceptible to peeling but the ones in question look particularly bad. Some nicer examples were already featured on this website (see them here), but now they are sold out.

Golovkin-Gold-Black-UKThe good news is, the t-shirt and hat selection on eBay UK is much better. Although it’s very likely they are not official GGG, there’s actually some really nice designs being sold on there for cheap prices, most of which appear to be much better quality than what is being pushed on Amazon. This is strange in a way, because in my experience it’s usually the other way round. Cheap, replicated tat on eBay, and better quality being sold on Amazon.

Pictured: A classic Black and Gold Tee with Team Golovkin writing. Also featuring the classic Golden Steppe Eagle flying under the sun emblem from the Kazakhstan flag.

That’s definitely not the case with Golovkin merchandise. So for all you fans that are on the lookout for a cap or t-shirt, take a look on eBay. For this post, we have searched through the listings on eBay and managed to find a few decent quality, reasonably priced t-shirts that are worthy of their purchase price.

These items are located in the United Kingdom (London), so should easily arrive before the rematch if you’re located in the UK. Sadly, with the hats / snapbacks, all the really nice, high quality sewn examples are in the USA, and with the fight so close, it’s very unlikely you will receive any orders before the Golovkin Vs Canelo rematch takes place.

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