Cheap Silver Boxing Glove Pendant and Chain

Boxing-Glove-Pendant-and-Chain-SilverThis boxing glove pendant makes a nice change to a lot of the more common designs out there for sale. Most are plain, and some have a diamond in the middle, or are covered in them etc. But this one has a cross at the front and the ribbed wrist. Dependant on the price, some pendants that have the diamond on the front do actually have a genuine diamond.

Pictured: Boxing Glove pendant with cross design and comes with free chain.

But they cost a lot of money and only come with either a gold or platinum boxing glove. Looking for something of a higher quality? Check out this 9 Carat Gold 8 gram boxing glove pendant with diamonds (Cubic Zirconia). Or, if you want something that is more heavy have a look at the solid 9CT gold boxing glove that weighs 23 grams.

Glove-Pendant-and-ChainThis one isn’t as elegant or costly. It’s made from Stainless Steel (looks silver) and comes with a free chain that is also make from the same metal. For the cheap price it is a good quality item. And from reading the reviews its quite heavy, and bigger in size than most buyers were expecting.

The chain that comes with this item varies in length. It starts out at 18 Inches and goes up to 26 Inches. And the good thing about the business selling this item is that they don’t charge any extra money for what length of chain you choose. 18″, 20″, 22″ and even 26″, the price remains the same. Nice item that would make a great gift for a boxing fan.

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