Funny Boxing Midgets T-Shirt

Midget-Boxing-T-Shirt-FunnyThis is quite a funny boxing related T-Shirt. It has a picture of two midget’s wearing boxing gloves and reads “Midget Boxing, always bet on the little guy” In between the two midget’s it says Atlantic City, NJ. It reminds me of something that a boxing fan, or it could have even been a celebrity that I’m not aware of, said when he was interviewed many years ago at the Mike Tyson Vs Michael Spinks fight.

They asked him who he thought was going to win the fight and he said, “I think the black guys gonna win”. This is definitely not your average boxing T-Shirt, not in the UK anyway. So it’s fairly unique. It’s made from cotton and is available in adult sizes from Small – XX Large. It would be nice if it was available in more colours but it’s only for sale in black.

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