Monthly Archive: November 2015

Best Dual Ab Roller Wheel Kits


Along with the CSX Ab Wheel Kit, which is more expensive, the 66fit Twin Wheel (Dual) Ab Roller is one of the best out there for the cheap price. It comes complete with a mini mat for the user to…
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Irish Colours Thai Boxing Shorts


Beautiful Thai Boxing Shorts in the Irish colours! Or close enough to them. Green – White – Gold / Yellow. These are top quality shorts that feature the 96 Penang writing the front, which is a world-renowned Thai Boxing gym….
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Red Bull Thai Boxing Shorts


Here we have the Red Bull Thai Boxing Shorts. They are a bit different to the traditional Thai Boxing shorts with the Thai style writing on the front.These are slightly more versatile. They have the two bulls charging at each…
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Classic Manny Paquiao MP T-Shirt


There are a lot of Manny Paquiao T-Shirts out there with various designs but this one is in the original classic Pacman styling. It reads “Jesus Is The Name Of The Lord”. And has the initials MP in big lettering…
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Funny Boxing Midgets T-Shirt


This is quite a funny boxing related T-Shirt. It has a picture of two midget’s wearing boxing gloves and reads “Midget Boxing, always bet on the little guy” In between the two midget’s it says Atlantic City, NJ. It reminds…
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